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Culture Travel Destinations

Culture Travel Destinations

When traveling, many people choose a destination because of the events or cultural attraction that the destination might hold. Whether it is to watch an opera in Verona or see the Mayan Ruins in Mexico, or visit biblical sites, many people have learnt to avoid the trap of being just a 'tourist', and instead developed travel habits which enrich their thirst for culture, history, the arts and music.


Art lovers have a wealth of destinations that will truly create memorable and sometimes breathtaking moments. It feels different when you can actually say: "I went and, I saw it". Many times art cannot be experiences through photographs or images, being present in front of a masterpiece is what will give you the true sense of awe.

History & Heritage

One of the most sough knowledge throughout time is history. Learning how we came to be where we are today is as important as knowing where we want to be in the future. History is a mirror reflecting the future and many people know that learning history will give us great insight into knowing ourselves and the world around us.


Music is in the heart of every culture. We celebrate through music and sometimes weep to music that touch our hearts, but mostly, we appreciate music because it sooths our soul. From the operas of Verona, to the city of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and "The Sound of Music" - Salzburg , Austria provides music lovers endless joys.


Traveling the biblical paths will take you on journeys across the Middle East to destinations like Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Palestine and Egypt. These are lands where many prophets and biblical figures, and even Jesus have traveled across and have placed their footprints permanently in the sand of time through the writings of the old and new testament.

Ancient Civilizations

The Pharaohs, the Mayans, the Romans, the Chinese Dynasties.. how have they affected us and what can we learn from our past? Travel through time to learn about ancient rituals and cultures and you will wonder whether they came from the same race as us.