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Island Travel Destinations

Many people consider islands as just another beach destination. But it is not completely so. Island culture is very different from mainland societies because they had a need to rely on themselves and their own resources for their survival. While many islands could be accessed by ships, the visits were few and far between and the natives were not always so welcoming to visitors. Contrary to islands, in the mainland, traders and strangers, could easily travel to cities and influence their way of life. You will find that in many islands, old customs are taken very seriously and change is not welcome. Through their seclusion, you will find islanders proud on their ability to preserve their heritage.

Madagascar, MG

One of the most beautiful islands in the world, Madagascar is a place to go for seclusion, luxury and peace of mind. Madagascar Hotels

Mauritius Island

500 Miles east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, you will find the volcanic island of Mauritius. This island is great for long hikes and day trips, but most of all, you will enjoy the mix of Dutch, French and English cultures. Mauritius Hotels

Paphos, Cyprus

Home of Aphrodite, Cyprus is a Greek Mythology heaven. Being in cyprus gives you a sense that the greek gods actually did exist. Throughout time as the romans and the crusaders settled in Cyprus, they left behind their own cultural influences and mostly their ruins. Cyprus is rich in history, rich in culture and rich in rich in beaches. This is an island not to be missed. One spot that you must visit is swimming in Aphrodite's beach were you will gain everlasting beauty and youth. Paphos Hotels